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Do you have problem with your neck or your back?

Annika Tähtinen Naprapath/Chiropractor D.N.

Naprapath D.N. is a specialist in manual treatment and rehabilitation of pain and dysfunction in the neuromusculoskeletal system.

The therapy is aimed at restoring function through treatment of the connective tissue, muscle- and neural tissues within or surrounding the spine and other joints.

Annika Tähtinen has a degree in Naprapath D.N. , graduated in -81 and has been practicing her profession ever since. Annika has also been practicing and teaching animal physiotherapy since 1994. She has developed  treatment methods needed in animal physiotherapy for various muscle, joint, and vertebral problems. Annika is also a Dipl. homeopath for both humans and animals.

Remember that pain is always a sign that something is wrong with your body. Before the situation gets worse, take care of yourself and make yourself easier. Improve your effort with the help of a professional!

Animal physiotherapy – dogs and horses

All dogs can have situations during their lives that need help with pain relief or movement problems. The patient can be a domestic dog, a puppy or a senior who has reached a more mature age. Race dogs suffer from various strain injuries, or bumps resulting from collisions. Working dogs, guard dogs or hunting dogs may be exposed to various contact injuries and other species-specific injuries. Possibly injuries have already been repaired with surgery, and additional help is needed to help with recovery.

Annika Tähtinen specializes in animal biomechanics.

Biomechanics refers to the study of biological systems by means of mechanics. In addition to physics, biomechanics utilizes knowledge of animal anatomy, physiology, neuromuscular system, and kinesiology.

Methods of care for horses can be e.g. manual certain type of cross-massage, joint manipulations in the treatment of pain or swelling. Physical devices such as lasers and microcurrents are effective in treatments. Even the rider’s own biomechanical problems can even be an obstacle to the success of a horse’s own series of movements.


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Annika Tähtinen naprapath d.n. (chiropractor md.)